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Are Dehumidifiers Good For Babies?

Humid and stuffing rooms can cause restless nights. Although in the United Kingdom, temperatures are usually bearable until the summer months arrive, which can cause problems to anyone trying to sleep during the night.

mini dehumidifier reviewsHumidity is the measurement of the amount of water vapour in the air, and relative humidity is the most common type of humidity measurement. On hot days, such as the middle of summer, there will be a lot of water vapour in the air. This is because the air has the energy to hold more water vapour on warm days than on cool days. Because the air is already dense with water vapour, the ability to absorb any more in the form of sweat is very difficult. This means that when we perspire it does not evaporate into the atmosphere and help us cool; but instead it leaves us in a ‘muggy’ state.

For most adults, dealing with such conditions is something you learn to adapt to. However, with babies it is very different. Imagine what it is like feeling hot and muggy on a hot summer’s eve, and then imagine how a baby is feeling!

Sure, you could open a window, but in doing so creates the risk that they might not be able to sleep due to outside noise and then also due to change in temperature during the night. At 3am, the temperature may become too cold for your baby, which could cause them to catch a cold. Not only that, but leaving a window open is something that some mother’s might deem as a security risk.

So, what is the solution to help preventing your baby from being irritable during the night?

Well, one method could be to purchase a fan, however, the noise could prevent them from sleeping, and not only that, but they aren’t particularly safe for babies if they are left alone with them. A plausible suggestion is to use a dehumidifier.

The internet seems to be awash with mothers on forums asking whether dehumidifiers are good for babies. It is a question that is most commonly asked in England and the rest of the UK, because most homes don’t have air conditioning installed, due to the fact that they are expensive to install and for most of the year they won’t be used. Humidity levels usually peak around mid-June to early August, and then temperatures usually rise again in September and sometimes in October too. But, trying to guess what the temperature will be in the UK is difficult.

But, just like air conditioning units, dehumidifiers aren’t exactly popular either. This is despite that humidity levels can be quite high during most months, however, as mentioned it is oAironic 2 Litrenly warm for 2 plus months throughout the year, and for most of it, the humidity levels are not on comparison with that in South-East Asia.

That being said, a dehumidifier is a great purchase for those that have allergies (especially mould allergies), and also babies. One of the key features of a dehumidifier’s functionality is that they absorb moisture in the air and help to control the humidity levels. This is good because rooms that have high humidity levels are a haven for dust mites and mould. The reason why parents should be concerned about the growth of mould is not just because it looks disgusting, it is actually very unhealthy. Mould can produce spores into the air, and these spores are invisible to the human eye. What makes them potentially dangerous is that they can travel into a child’s lungs and can cause breathing difficulties. Not only that, but dust mites are also potentially very dangerous for young children too; spreading bacteria and also biting during the night.

It is important though to purchase dehumidifiers that are child-friendly and not to purchase any old dehumidifier. Do some research before purchasing and make sure you are buying one that emits a low amount of energy. Purchasing a cool mist humidifier, and not a warm mist humidifier is beneficial too. Although warm mist devices are typically quite cheap, they are to be avoided as they can potentially be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Not only that, but the heating mechanism can be a potential risk for babies and young children.

So, potentially dehumidifiers can be dangerous to babies, but only if you choose the wrong type. If you feel as though your child deserves a dehumidifier, then consider getting a cool mist device.  They don’t cost a lot to run, they don’t require the device to be heated, nor do they raise the temperature of the room and also, they don’t leave dust, unlike some other dehumidifiers. Of course, most importantly, the performance between the two types are almost identical – so it’s a no-brainer really.

One last positive for using a dehumidifier is that they produce a small noise, known as white noise, which is meant to be soothing and comforting for babies, helping them sleep easily.

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